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July 22

A month of summer gone already! I don’t want to think about it.

I rediscovered my Fuji Instax over the weekend and have been firing off shots like I were made of money. That’s another thing I’ve decided not to think about. I want June to have photo albums from her childhood - proper, three-dimensional albums! With the requisite wonky Polaroids! Like the olden days! Next up: suspenders and a paper route! - so I’m not allowed to fuss over the cost of film or the stupid, stupid, stupid flash that goes off whether I want it or not. Babies: they get your priorities straight. I appreciate that. Though I wouldn’t mind sleeping past 6:30 again someday. It seems like a small request.

So far this summer, the song I listen to more than any other is Neko Case’s "Guided by Wire." It feels especially right in the car, where I can turn it up loud and sing along. If it’s a really great day, it’s loud enough to make my ears hurt. Growing up in Oklahoma, I carefully avoided any music with a twang: it was what I was supposed to like, and that meant it was terrible. But I don’t have so much to prove anymore, or not in that way. I can say it now: some of my favorite songs have a twang. All of my favorite Neko Case songs have a twang. Long live the twang! Another good one is "Whip the Blankets," FYI. Very sexy.

Last month, I mentioned that I keep a dozen-ish favorite cookbooks on top of my fridge, and some of you asked me to tell you about them. You’re in luck. The good people at Serious Eats got me talking, and you can read all about my most beloved cookbooks (and see a picture of the ones on top of the fridge) over there.

Speaking of getting me talking, perhaps you’ve heard of the esteemed Christopher Kimball, the man behind Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen? I had the great pleasure - and anxiety; Kimball is big stuff - of talking with him about Delancey for America’s Test Kitchen Radio, and the interview aired in July 11th’s episode. To listen, go to America’s Test Kitchen Radio in iTunes, and look for the show titled, "How (Not) To Start a Pizzeria." Our conversation begins at 18:40 and runs for about 17 minutes.


I love Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s take on the spritz.

A couple of months ago, I read this New Yorker article about extreme cavers, something I knew nothing about, and it so consumed my attention that I sometimes forgot to breathe. The same thing goes for this more recent New Yorker article about the ordeal of the Chilean miners. Visceral storytelling, spectacular reporting.

My good friends Hannah and David created a website called the 1K Project. This month, they invited me to contribute a photograph, and David wrote a 1,000-word story from it.

Columbus, Ohio! I’m coming to you next month! I’m going to eat a totally immoderate quantity of Jeni’s Ice Creams! But most importantly, I’ll be at The Seasoned Farmhouse on August 25, reading from and talking about Delancey (and anything else you’d like to talk about) while we share a three-course meal. Join me for lunch or for dinner; both are ticketed, limited-capacity events.

Hope you’re having a great week.


Anonymous nancy said...

My kiddos are 10 & 7 and still awake by 6am. Every. Damn. Day. I hear that when they turn 13 they start sleeping in til 9, though, so at least there's that to look forward to. :/

Love that you take real photos. Family albums are gold.

9:55 PM, July 22, 2014  
Anonymous Didi said...

June is starting to look a LOT like you :)

Was wondering if you got the postcard I sent :) I hope it got to you!

10:24 PM, July 22, 2014  
Anonymous olga said...

I grew up in the Northeast and hating twang was all the rage - until I heard Dolly Parton's Joleen, and that was pretty much it for me. Guided by Wire is one of my all time favorite songs, especially in the summer.

4:12 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Magda said...

I like your cookbook and blog tips and already added some to my reading list. Thank you a lot for sharing this! I must also admit I love the idea of a real album - I need to work out one for my Sophie (almost 3 years old) from millions of digital pictures I make every month...

5:08 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Ellie said...

I put black tape over my Instax flash and it has been working so far.

6:16 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about your cookbooks -- I was one of your readers who requested it. I love the Jerusalem cookbook too, also Edna Lewis and Nigel Slater. I'm surprised you didn't mention David Lebovitz's blog because of your love for Paris and everything French -- and he is a respected pastry chef. He recently posted about you and your book Delancey.

6:20 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Sue Schlabach said...

Sleep will come again. Don't despair. In the meantime. Take. Lots. Of. Photos.

6:23 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger So Purdy said...

I AM SO SAD! You're coming to Ohio, and I have a work obligation that evening. :-(

6:27 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Lan | MoreStomach said...

i don't know how to explain it, but the 1K project is blowing my mind right now. i'm reading through the archives and when i finish a story, i revel in it and then i have remorse that that is one less un-read story and soon i will be done and i will have to wait till next month for a new story. thank you for sharing it.

also, my husband & i have our nephews for a week, ages 12 & 8. i am amazed at how early they get up, the youngest got up at 6:30am today.

7:02 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger taratubb said...

My 2 year old wakes up at 5:45, which is better than the 4:30 it used to be. I join you in your fervent wish to sleep in. Also, Denver is a great city for a book tour stop...I'm just sayin!

8:35 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Heather Woollove said...

We just spent a weekend in Columbus and I highly recommend this restaurant: http://alanas.com
The menu changes daily and the food is innovative and really good.

9:28 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Ariel said...

Yay!! The cookbook list! Can't wait. Get ready for some serious action, library card.

Speaking of the New Yorker, I just saw a link on The Morning News' website that said for the next few months, they've opened up their archives to all non-subscribers!


9:58 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Emily said...

Oh, Molly. I love so much about this post. The pictures - the desire to put those pictures in a hard cover photo album - suspenders - Neko Case. blissful.

9:59 AM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Ileana said...

These photos are great. :)

10:32 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Heather said...

I just loved your interview with Christopher Kimball! It was so thought provoking on what I love about cooking: serving my friends, family and loved ones and seeing their reaction as we have a wonderful night together. Your thoughts on how you lose that in a restaurant are so true - but I'm so glad you've found the balance.

10:36 AM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous JackieDee said...

Dude, so excited about your August event here in Columbus. It's my 33rd birthday present! Stoked.

12:26 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Ella said...

June is looking so similar to you, Molly! I might be headed up to Delancey in August... can't wait to stop in :)

2:48 PM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Courtney said...

Any chance of you visiting Birmingham, AL in the near or not-so-near future? I know a lot of people (and places) in town who would LOVE to meet you. :)

2:56 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Janet said...

Like you, I was fascinated by the article about the Chilean miners. It was so well-written, I started sweating and felt my gut growl with hunger. Love your blog and sometimes random life references. They are REAL.

3:24 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Ckipps said...

Saw Neko Case in concert. Highly recommend. Summer is going by so fast. How to eat this much good food? Today I made pickles. Yesterday we had figs, raspberries, whipped cream and caramel. I have local peaches to use up. Yikes!

4:38 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous French Toast Tasha said...

We did an art show in Columbus this year, and managed to restrain ourselves to one triple scoop of Jeni's per day, split between the two of us, which I actually thought was quite moderate. Especially since on another occasion traveling in Ohio, we ate a pint between us in one sitting ... some things are worth eating immoderately!

6:12 PM, July 23, 2014  
Blogger Buffra said...

Ooh! I'm in Columbus!! Yay! School will just be starting, so I may be catatonic, but I'm totally going to fall asleep at your dinner table instead of my own. Please don't be offended!
- Briana

6:25 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous molly said...

Wait, what?? Right at the end there?? Columbus???

Hot damn.

8:36 PM, July 23, 2014  
Anonymous Charli said...

Molly! I have read your blog forever, but had to comment as soon as you mentioned Neko. No one ever talks about this album, but I'm so glad that's one of your favorite songs. She's the best. You're the best! Ah! Thank you for all you write. Maybe this is too heavy, but you've made me feel really positive about having a kid one day. Enjoy the rest of this fleeting Pacific NW summer, yay!

1:10 AM, July 24, 2014  
Blogger Kate Ramos said...

Your writing (as always) such a joy to read. I feel like my brain just took a 10 minute break and/or I just had a conversation with a good friend.

4:00 AM, July 24, 2014  
Anonymous Mallory @forkvsspoon said...

I have been thinking about photos and what will by niece and nephew have when they grow up...will I just give them my password to Flickr? I want them to have a hutch full of pictures, stuffed in every drawer and crevice - because I am my mother and nothing ever makes it into an album!
Just signed up to see ya in Columbus. Can't wait!

5:30 AM, July 24, 2014  
Blogger Patrice said...

You have to have Graeter's ice cream in Columbus also. Legendary.

9:22 AM, July 24, 2014  
Blogger Heidi Kadletz said...

Any chance you might be zipping through beautiful South Dakota on this tour, Molly? I think Mt. Rushmore might be calling your name!

1:36 PM, July 24, 2014  
Anonymous Polly said...

I'm a pretty new reader to your blog but thoroughly enjoyed your print offerings! I'm thrilled you are coming to Columbus since Cleveland isn't that far. I'm hoping to drag a friend along, so excited!!

3:08 PM, July 24, 2014  
Blogger Justine said...

Molly, I agree 100% with your assertion that polaroids are an important part of childhood! I plan to go out and get one of those cameras, $ be damned. I see so much of myself in you're writing and really love your books, so thank you.

Also, the following comment speaks to my control-freakishness, but I'll tell you anyway. We got a clock that turns yellow in the morning ("tot clock" is the name, I think), and it changed our lives! Now the kids (4 & 6) know they can't come out of their room until it's yellow, and I put it to turn yellow at 7:30 in the summer. If they wake up early, I guess they read books or play quietly. Whatever they're doing in there, they don't bother me, which suits me fine!

7:39 AM, July 25, 2014  
Blogger Allison said...

Kudos to you for doing the photo albums. I would give anything to have pictures of my childhood. A series of unfortunate events resulted in their loss. The albums will be a wonderful thing to have.

10:13 AM, July 25, 2014  
Anonymous Jessica @ www.caretakerskitchen.com said...

I've just been through a few months of my slightly-over one year old waking up around 5am. I'm hoping we're back to 6am wakeups. It feels like "sleeping in" now.
I'm already behind on the photo album I want to do for him. Pictures are all printed out, but need to sit down with a good show and a drink and enjoy doing it.

8:33 PM, July 26, 2014  
Blogger hannah said...

I sure do like you lots.

10:08 PM, July 26, 2014  
Anonymous Catherine G. said...

Exciting that you will be in Columbus! Any chance you'll be doing another reading sans food? The lunch looks amazing, but my grad student stipend is, shall we say...unimpressive.

11:09 AM, July 27, 2014  
Anonymous Sally said...

The New Yorker article on the Chilean miners was captivating. Leave it to the New Yorker to understand storytelling at its best. This article on the construction of a new highway in India (one that I almost skipped over) still stands out as especially enlightening: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/10/14/rush-6. Check it out when you can!

12:23 PM, July 27, 2014  
Blogger Mary Jo said...

totally agreed on the ablums. each time i buy the kolo ones I second guess myself, they aren't cheap, and then the 100s of prints at a time but really i know it's worth it, love that i'm not the only one :)

1:33 PM, July 28, 2014  
Anonymous Kristen said...

Hello! I am new to your wonderful writing, which I began reading after listening to the Christopher Kimball interview. I started with Delancey (terrific), and while waiting for your first book to arrive I'm reading your blog backwards (I'm up to 2011), and thoroughly enjoying every bit. Thank you.

5:43 AM, July 29, 2014  
Blogger Carola said...

Just chiming in to second Patrice on Graeter's!

8:20 AM, July 30, 2014  
Blogger Gemma said...

Our Instax never really recovered after the day of the big wave - we keep thinking about getting another one and then deciding that we can live with the small notches that show up on the edge of every single photo - I do like that idea of black tape over the flash though...

3:08 AM, August 01, 2014  
Anonymous Sam @ The Second Lunch said...

So, back quite a few years ago now when you called Omnivore to ask about Tender, I was on the phone taking your name and nearly fell off my stool because it was *really you!*, and had to immediately call my mother. I'm glad that it's still one of your favorites :) Nigel is really the best.

2:02 PM, August 04, 2014  
Anonymous Katharine said...

Yeah! you are coming to Madison for our book festival. I have been making Burg's potato salad all summer and can't wait to thank you for the recipe. Have a great summer and see you in the fall.

5:18 PM, August 08, 2014  
Blogger Unknown said...

Lovely photos! I just wanted to say, I was happily reading "Delancey" on my work break today and totally lost track of time and forgot to go back to work for a while :) Great read, in other words! Hope you're having a great week.

7:12 AM, August 15, 2014  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I'll be there tomorrow. Can't wait to meet/cook with you!

7:16 PM, August 24, 2014  
Anonymous Caroline said...

Just catching up... your daughter is SUCH A DOLL. I just love those cheeks and those curls. Aren't little girls the best?!

6:37 PM, October 06, 2014  

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